Start Your Meals with Fruits & Veggies to Lose Weight


If you are not sure of your willpower, start your meal with fruit. The researchers found that in this case the person is much more likely to avoid the temptation of junk food.

U.S. researchers from Cornell University found that fruits are the perfect entree for breakfast, lunch, or dinner consisting of several servings. For example, if you get the meal in the buffet, you should put fruit on your plate first. Only in this case, you are more likely to hold yourself from fat, floury food, despite the variety of mouth-watering sweets on the table.

These findings were obtained in the course of experiments with volunteers who had the opportunity to put any food on their plates in any sequence. In all cases, if a person put healthy foods, like fruit or yogurt first, later he or she tried to pick something like that, paying less attention to the fatty and fried foods.

The author of the study, Dr Brian Wansink, says the first three products on the plate make up 66% of all the food that a person eats. If you choose an unhealthy dish first, it encourages you to choose two more high-calorie dishes. Therefore, the recommendation is clear: start the meal with vegetables or fruit, which is the healthiest part of the buffet. As a result, two-thirds of your plate will be filled with the right products. Then you will not have to regret the growing waist or sides.