The Shocking Truth about Swimming Pool Dirt


Most of the people who regularly use the pool believe that they have red eyes because of chlorine in the water. US researchers have found that the real reason for this is not chlorine.

Most swimmers in the pool have reddened eyes after swimming. It is believed that the reason for this is chlorine getting into the eyes, as this substance is used for water purification. However, the researchers from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States claim that the problem of red eyes is not connected with chlorine.

They explained that this phenomenon was caused by the content of urine in the pools, which got there due to some not very disciplined bathing people. Meanwhile, 71% of Americans confidently called chlorine as the cause of eye redness.

According to scientists, chlorine and other disinfectants are added to the pool water to kill bacteria. When people urinate in water, urine affects chlorine; this causes eye irritation, which is the reason for the red color. That is why swimmers need to use the pool for nothing but swimming, whereas natural needs should send them to the toilet. Before swimming, one must also wash in the shower carefully – it’s just one of the hygiene rules. If swimmers have reddened eyes, it is a clear sign that someone has urinated in the pool. And the “chlorine smell” in the water is caused not by chlorine. You feel it when chlorine is mixed in water with urine, sweat, and dirt from the bodies of bathers.