Under-the-Skin Implant to Stop Snoring


American scientists have invented a new method of treatment of snoring by setting a subcutaneous implant in the neck. Preliminary studies have proved high efficiency of the device.

According to scientists, snoring affects up to 30% of all mankind, and its chronic form doubles the risk of premature death. Mankind has been inventing new methods of treatment of snoring for centuries, but none of them has really showed high efficiency. Perhaps under-the-skin implants by Remede will become the long-awaited cure.

This tiny device is no bigger than a matchbox; it is placed under the skin in the area of ​​the neck, and its tiny wire is woven into one of the veins near the phrenic nerve, which goes to lungs. The implant helps control breathing and effectively prevents snoring, as shown by the early clinical trials involving patients with heart failure and sleep apnea.

The most common treatment for snoring is wearing a special mask that delivers pressurized air to the sleeping person. It helps keep the airway open. However, this mask works not in all cases, and some people find it difficult or uncomfortable to wear it while sleeping. The problem with snoring is especially aggravated by the development of heart failure, which causes shortness of breath by itself.

The authors of the device from Ohio State University said that the patients who took part in the trial of Remede had admitted they could not sleep well over the years. But the device enabled them to restore sleep and gain the energy needed for daily activities.