Which Doctors to See If You Have Different Kinds of Pains?


Who has never felt pain at least once in a lifetime? Such a man can hardly be found. Aching, pressing, throbbing, cramping pain – sometimes you do not know what medicine to take and you have no idea which doctor to see with some kind of pain.

1. Headaches

It would be sufficient to say that the international classification of headaches takes several pages of fine print.

Where to go: to the neurologist and/or neurosurgeon.

2. Chest pain

Acute and stitching. Chills, fever and frequent pulse are not excluded.
Where to go: consult a cardiologist. It is, however, more reliable to call for an ambulance.

The pain accompanied by an irrational fear, heart palpitations, rapid breathing and sweating signals that you have a panic attack.
Where to go: to the neurologist.

The pain accompanied by cough and aggravated during inhaling or coughing. Most likely, there is a problem with the lungs; one should not exclude pleurisy – an inflammation of the membrane covering the lungs.
Where to go: consult a therapist, he will appoint an X-ray and send you to the pulmonologist.

Pain in the heart area. Enhanced or weakened by changing the position of the body, turning your head, moving hands. This is probably osteochondrosis of the cervical and thoracic spine areas.
Where to go: to the orthopedist or neurologist as they specialize in these issues.

Where to go: to the gastroenterologist.

3. Joint pain

Where to go: whatever the nature of the pain, the first doctor you must go to is the rheumatologist. If you have physical damage, it is better to see the surgeon.

4. Sore throat

Acute pain accompanied by classic symptoms of colds. The most trivial case is SARS, or what we call a cold.
Where to go: to the therapist.

You often catch a cold, and there is chronic pain. Your tonsils are constantly inflamed. You need serious treatment.
Where to go: to the ENT doctor.

Sore throat, accompanied by tickling and dryness, can be a sign of acute and chronic pharyngitis – an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the pharynx.
Where to go: consult an ENT doctor again.


Osteochondrosis is the most frequent reason. There may be muscle pain.
Where to go: first, to the neurologist and/or neurosurgeon, who will give all the necessary recommendations.

5. Abdominal pain and side abs pain

If the pain is located in your right side and keeps torturing you for several months, it is necessary to make sure it is not liver or biliary tract disease.
Where to go: to be examined by the gastroenterologist.

Aching in the left side of the abdomen. This may be a problem with the intestines or pancreas.
Where to go: to be examined by the gastroenterologist.

Abdominal cramping can usually be wavy, of varying intensity. The pain is amplified and then weakened. The reasons may be different – flatulence, inflammation, infection, even stress.
Where to go: to the gastroenterologist for a start.

Constant pain in the abdomen – the intensity varies depending on the food, it occurs on an empty stomach. Serious inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity, ulcers or pancreatitis can be the possible reason.
Where to go: there is a simple rule – everything that hurts above the underbelly is the concern of a gastroenterologist.

Sharp, sudden and seemingly unexplainable pain.
Where to go: to the surgeon to make sure that the surgery should be ruled out. It is more reliable in this case to call an ambulance.