3D Printer to Create a Live Heart


The ability to create a live heart using a 3D-printing technology, according to experts, would be a real breakthrough in transplantation. Such a prospect, which has been considered fantastic, will become real in 5 years.

Science has experience in recreating various organs using a 3D-printer – from the pelvis to the ears. However, doctors really look forward to the unique ability of printing the main human organ – a live heart.

The group of experts from the University of Louisville led by Professor Stuart Williams reported the launch of the project to create a live human heart using a 3D-printer. According to TG Daily, such a heart will partly be real, partly artificial. It will be used in transplantation.

The attempt is the first of its kind. Earlier the 3D- printer was used to recreate parts of the heart valves and small veins.

The heart that doctors plan to obtain through printing technology will consist of a patient’s cells, which minimizes the risk of tissue rejection, which is typical of transplantation. The researchers plan to get an organ created by 3D and ready for transplantation in 5 years, although earlier this prospect was considered a long-term one.