6 Premature Death Factors


Experts from Imperial College London have calculated that the humanity can prevent 37 million premature deaths during 15 years, if it is victorious in the fight against six major risk factors. Alas, most people still believe that the disease can overtake anyone, but not themselves.

A study published in The Lancet journal shows that the reduction of 6 risk factors may lead to the prevention of more than 37 million premature deaths over 15 years. The main illnesses that kill most people in the world are cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, cancer and diabetes.

According to the authors, if people do not begin to treat these risk factors seriously, 38.8 million people will have died from these four diseases by 2025, which is 10.5 million more than in 2010. The study authors have used different models of relating mortality and risk factors in different countries to count how many deaths can be prevented from 2010 to 2025.

The study requires:

  • to reduce smoking by 30-50%;
  • to reduce alcohol consumption by 10%;
  • to reduce salt intake by 30%;
  • to reduce blood pressure by 25%;
  • to stop the growing epidemic of obesity and type II diabetes associated with it.

If all of these indicators are taken into consideration, the humanity will achieve impressive results in the fight against premature mortality. By 2025, the number of such deaths will have been reduced by 22% in men, and by 19% – in women. In the age group from 30 to 70, 16 million lives will be saved, and in the group older than 70 years – 21 million.