7-Day Deo Sweat Block

Did you know that a whole series of modern studies have confirmed that the smell of sweat attracts the opposite sex? But if you take a ride in a crowded public transport without a deodorant on a hot summer day, you will attract plenty of unpleasant comments instead of languid affectionate looks. But what should people do, if antiperspirant “saves” them for just a couple of hours? It seems that the United States inventors have found a solution to this unpleasant problem.

We are all different. Our natural chemistry also works in different ways. Someone remains dry and fresh even in the forty-degree heat, and someone is covered with perspiration since the first warm spring days, hesitating to lift a hand in the transport. If you suffer from sweating, which even the pharmaceutical deodorant cannot cope with, here’s good news for you: the solution to the problem already exists. However, you will have to surf online stores for a while.

In the US, napkins are offered as an alternative to deodorants. Of course, these are not common napkins. A unique antiperspirant Sweat Block differs not only in format, but also in its effect: the manufacturer promises that one napkin will remove stains and odor of sweat for as long as 7 days.

It’s easy to use Sweat Block, but you will have to follow the instructions. Carry out the procedure shortly before sleep. After taking a shower in the evening, apply the napkin to the clean and dry skin of the armpits preferably shaved on the previous day. Press it, but do not rub (this can cause irritation). Next, you should remove the napkin and allow the treated area to dry naturally (walk around without or in a loose T-shirt, preferably with your hands up). Then go to sleep. During sleep the sweat glands are the least active, so the remedy will have time to work at full capacity.

After the procedure, the smell and stains of sweat will not bother you for about a week. The exact result depends on individual factors. But hundreds of reviews and a five-star rating on Amazon confirm that the product works reliably and for a long time. Applying it, you should not beware of the shower, pool or beach. After water procedures, it is not necessary to use Sweat Block again.

The manufacturer positions this type of antiperspirant as safe. The main active ingredient is 14% aluminum chloride hexahydrate. However, it remains a mystery whether the remedy can cause an allergy or any other negative reaction.