Antibacterial Soap Shortens Life

Chemical antibacterial additives contained in soap and many other hygiene products, shorten life.

In a study conducted on rats, the researchers found that the lifespan of an offspring from a mother who was given one of the antibacterial additives – triclocarban – markedly decreased. Female rats during pregnancy (21 days) were divided into two groups. The animals of the first group were fed normally, while the others were given triclocarban. Thus, the blood of rats from the second group contained 0.6% triclocarban, which corresponds to the amount of the substance in the blood of a person taking a shower for 15 minutes.

It was found that the life span of rats treated with a chemical additive was shorter. The harmful effect of the chemical manifested itself precisely in the period of feeding: after birth the breed were completely healthy.

Besides, triclocarban, as it was found previously, can badly affect the growth and development of reproductive organs in adult male rats.