Artificial Pancreas to Help Diabetics


The country’s first artificial pancreas was approved in the UK; it is intended for the victims of diabetes. According to doctors, this is an important step in the prevention of the disease, since the device can prevent 4 out of every 5 severe hypoglycemic episodes in which the blood sugar level drops to a dangerous degree.

British doctors welcomed the introduction of the new MiniMed 640g device into clinical practice. It is also known as an artificial pancreas. In its functioning, it imitates this important organ of the human body. The device is a pump, which defines dangerous fluctuations in blood sugar levels. This is what helps to prevent hypo- and hyperglycemic conditions.

According to doctors, this device is a major step forward in the creation of a completely artificial pancreas, which many millions of diabetics have been waiting for. The sharp decline in blood sugar levels, observed during hypoglycemia, may cause seizures, diabetic coma, and even death.

These fits often occur at night. Manufacturers claim that their gadget will be particularly useful to those victims of type 1 diabetes who are regularly faced with a reduction in blood sugar levels without obvious symptoms. These patients can receive free MiniMed 640g due to the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund. Everyone else wishing to have it will pay approximately 7,000 pounds for the unit.