Bearing Pain May Be Life-Threatening


Stoicism is not a quality that you need to be proud of! Even if you are a real man, you should not bear pain for a long time, otherwise there is a considerable risk of suffering an incurable disease.

Cancer Stats in Britain

The UK has the worst statistics on cancer patients’ survival across Europe. Some experts attribute it to stoicism typical of many British people. Britons suffer pain and do not complain about it as long as they have enough power, rather than seeing the doctor and finding out the reason. As a result, many patients delay a visit to a general practitioner for about a month.

Cancer Pains

As shown by a study conducted by researchers from University College London and the University of Cambridge, throat cancer patients suffer pain the longest; patients with bladder and kidney tumors endure pain least of all – in this case, they see a doctor a few days after the occurrence of pain symptoms. Meanwhile, even a few days’ delay could be crucial for the life of a cancer patient.

Why Not Consulting a Physician?

Unfortunately, many patients are unaware of the warning signs or are too shy to start talking about them with family and friends, and most simply prefer to endure the pain. Prolonged cough that many ignore can be a symptom of lung cancer, and nagging sore throat sometimes suggests the development of tumor in this body part. Unfortunately, it is often mistaken for a protracted cold.

Cancer Symptoms

One of the most common cancer symptoms is rapid weight loss and fatigue. You should not delay a visit to the clinic, because when cancer is suspected patients still have to be sent to the hospital, where they will pass a variety of tests, to make up the scheme of treatment. Sometimes the precious time needed for recovery is neglected.

Do not endure the pain and do not try to cure yourself.