Beer Prevents Osteoporosis

Beer is a source of silicon, needed for strong bones, according to recent studies at the University of California (USA). Moreover, silicon is contained in the beer in its particular bioavailable form enhancing its absorption by 50%, which makes beer a significant diet element.

Over 100 varieties of the beverage were tested. They contain 6.5 to 56 5 mg/l of silicon. Barley beer is the champion in the silicon content. The researchers suggest that beer in moderation helps prevent osteoporosis.

Meanwhile, osteoporosis has become almost the epidemic of the XXI century. In the UK this disease provokes more than 200,000 fractures each year. Treatment of osteoporosis costs the UK health care £1 billion a year. Today, osteoporosis affects about three million Britons.

We will remind you that it was previously found out at the University of Extremadura (Spain) that women who drink beer regularly have higher bone density compared to those who do not. Plant hormones – phytoestrogens – contained in beer supposedly strengthen bone tissues. But scientists warn that drinking more than two glasses a day can harm not only the bones but also the body as a whole.