A Blood Spot Detects the Age

A unique method of identifying a person’s age has been invented by the scientists from the University Medical Centre in Rotterdam.

The methodology is based on a deep analysis of blood T cells, which are cells of the human immune system. These cells are responsible for our body’s resistance to all possible bacteria and viruses, to which the cells modify their own DNA in order to effectively deal with harmful organisms.

This process is accompanied by an interesting phenomenon. During DNA modification, some parts become unnecessary and are no longer used by the body, so they are just accumulated in it. The scientists decided to count them and found that their number could help determine the person’s age quite accurately.

The new method differs from the already known ones because it allows to determine the actual age of a person with no large deviations that can reach 3-4 years or more in case of using some other methods.

Thus, the connection between the amount of DNA fragments and the person’s age will be of real benefit to people, and in future it may become the basis of the next scientific research, bringing even more impressive results.