Contacts instead of Glucose Meter for Diabetics


Smart contact lenses can help you manage without a standard glucose test. Not so long ago, Google specialists figured out how to make life easier for diabetics.

As you know, it is sometimes very difficult to monitor blood sugar because in some cases it changes very quickly, depending on what the person is engaged in. This process is affected by physical activity, eating, sweating.

Scientists were able to create a system that resembles contact lenses and is capable of measuring blood sugar levels by tear fluid. The system includes a network of microscopic sensors and chips. There is also an antenna, which is several times thinner than a human hair. All this is located between two layers of the material used in manufacturing soft contact lenses.

There is only one indicator, but the speed of processing information lasts for a second. Rapid collection of data helps inform a person that the concentration of blood sugar has become dangerous. This warning is transmitted visually via small LEDs.

Just a prototype of the new equipment has been created yet, but scientists are actively looking for experts and partners to develop an application to the named contact lenses.
According to experts, the system will be able to enter the market in approximately five years.