Dirtiest Things at Your Home

Game consoles, bicycles, children’s toys – all of these things contain much more bacteria than a toilet seat. The researchers tested the cleanliness of modern dwellings and drew the conclusion that we are surrounded by numerous pathogens.


The study of “microbial contamination” of the human dwelling commissioned by the Domestos company and UNICEF led to surprising results. Most microbes are not located in toilets, as originally suggested by experts. For example, the number of bacteria on an ordinary joystick console is 5 times greater than on the toilet seat.

Toys & Trampolines

Huge colonies of bacteria are settled on children’s toys (2,549 microbes per 100 cm2), refrigerators (7,474 per 100 cm2), bicycles and balls (14,000 per 100 cm2). Children’s trampolines proved to be most infected place – 640,000 per 100 cm2, while the number of bacteria on the toilet seat is just 1,600 per 100 cm2. The survey also showed that 60 % of adults were sure that the children faced with the highest number of bacteria at schools and kindergartens.

How to Prevent Diseases?

Meanwhile, parents should pay attention to their homes. For example, the number of microbes on the couch handles is 12 times higher than on the toilet seat. The experts remind that the most effective method of dealing with the “household bacteria” is washing your hands regularly and thoroughly.

Wash Your Hands

In the literal sense of the word, human health is in our hands – the cleaner they are, the less risk of infection and transmission of pathogens to other people is observed. In addition, it is useful to do the cleaning in the house more often, not forgetting about the things that seem so harmless.