Efficient Cancer Medication Created


Norwegian scientists from the University of Bergen have become the developers of a unique drug in the treatment of highly resistant cancers. During the tests, the authors of the innovation proved that the drug effectively influenced tumors till their elimination.

The new drug fights tumors by selectively targeting cancer stem cells and disrupting their alarm system. For several years before this discovery, the scientists had been studying the effect of thousands of different materials and their combinations on the performance of the signal system of cancer stem cells.

According to the researchers, the new medication can fight many types of cancer. It has been successfully tested on animals, in which receiving the drug stopped the growth of tumors, reduced their size, and in some cases led to their complete disappearance.

The composition of this medicine is known to have included the components obtained from plant extracts that are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Despite the success during the experimental verification of the new medication, the doctors believe that the use of only one drug for the treatment of cancer is not enough. According to the researchers, they need to look for a combination of the new forms of chemotherapy with immunotherapy as the most effective anti-cancer therapy.