Excess Weight Doesn’t Affect Heart Health

There is a belief that excess weight leads to heart disease. However, recent research has shown that in fact there is no direct relationship between obesity and heart condition. Slim people are more likely to suffer from heart problems than overweight ones.

During the six-year observation conducted by Greek scholars, less than 10% of overweight people began to complain of heart failure, while the number of slender people with the signs of serious heart problems reached 16%. Thus you can accurately assume that being overweight does not mean being unhealthy, and heart disease is not directly related to excess weight. Researchers have seen that if an overweight person is healthy according to other factors, his/her weight does not lead to the development of heart failure.

One of the most insidious factors for heart disease is the disorder of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. It was observed both among obese people with heart problems and among the people with normal weight.

In addition, the risk of developing cardiovascular problems is affected by high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is possible to say that excess weight does not have any significant impact on the heart only if the following factors are not observed: it is not all overweight people that the heart does not fail, but overweight people, who do not have other serious health problems.