Face Surgery Deforms Your Brain


A long-term study of neuroscientists at the University of California has revealed that overreliance on plastic surgery of the face can cause deformation of the human brain and lead to nervous breakdowns. The reason for this lies in the activity of the facial muscles.

The negative effects of face plastic surgeries were identified by scientists during the experiments with face muscles and in the course of the subsequent examination of several hundred volunteers. Psychologist Paul Ekman and his colleagues from the University of California have proved that eyebrow muscles are the main ones in expressing negative emotions. These muscles have a reverse mimic relationship – when the person bends the brow tragically, the brain receives a signal of sorrow, thus increasing the production of stress hormones. People with violated facial expression (those patients, who had a face plastic surgery or received beauty shots, which led to immobility of the eyebrows and lips) eventually developed apathy and asthenic depression (they did not want to do anything as well as to live). That is, the surgeon causes a dissonance between facial expressions and a person’s emotional performance.

Such a condition of the central nervous system leads to premature death of neurons and accumulation of amyloid proteins, which are involved in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. From the above mentioned facts, one can deduce that radical rejuvenation of the face makes it rigid and provokes brain aging.

Those observations were carried out on volunteers with a natural smile that never asked for help from plastic surgeons. These people were more positive in communication and had brighter overall health indicators as they reached their middle age.