Fat Food Affects Mentality


Researchers have found yet another negative effect of fatty foods on the body besides the fact that its use provokes weight gain. According to the article in the Biological Psychiatry journal, the passion for fatty foods has a detrimental impact on the human psyche.

Scientists have conducted experiments on animals: one group of mice received a normal diet, while another group was given foods with a high fat content. Then, samples of microflora were taken from the digestive system of the rodents from the second group and transplanted to the mice from the first group.

After this procedure, biologists have documented changes in the animals that used to eat healthily, and it triggered negative processes in the psyche of these mice. Calm mice started to demonstrate psychopathology – aggression and obsessive behavior, memory loss and an increased level of anxiety.

Such manifestations, according to the researchers, suggest that fatty diet has a definite effect on the microflora of the digestive structure that is responsible for the immune system. As a result, the brain and nerves receive signals and switch to another mode of functioning, which is why the body begins to feel pressure on the psyche.

It is worth mentioning that Spanish and Canadian experts have previously made the conclusion that fatty foods can trigger mental problems – in particular, bring the person to depression. At the same time, doctors noted that eating healthy and useful fats was not the case.