Forget the Dentist’s Drill


Going to the dentist will soon turn into a pleasant trifle because British scientists have invented the technique of a self-healing tooth which does not require the use of a drill. The whole procedure even does not imply any injections.

The experts from King’s College London have come up with the methods of caries treatment that is radically different from all the existing ones. Usually, tooth cavities are eliminated with the help of drills and fillings. This treatment is still arousing fear in the hearts of many people. And although teeth have long been drilled without pain today, people still put off a visit to the dentist until the last possible moment.

The technology of the British scientists is called Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation (EAER). It promotes the natural motion of calcium and phosphate minerals in the dental enamel. The procedure consists of two stages. During the first one, dentists prepare the damaged tooth enamel area to treatment, and during the second stage they affect it with the help of electric current. It is of low power, and the patient does not feel it. The current makes the minerals in the enamel move, and so they fill the cavity.

According to professor of the Institute of Dentistry at the University of London, Nigel Pitts, the method for treating tooth decay, which is used in medicine today, is not ideal. When we use drills and fillings, we start the cycle of tooth drilling, which sooner or later leads to its destruction. This device is not only more merciful to patients; it is also more useful for dental health. The cost is not expected to be different from the existing techniques. It will make EAER the technology of the near future.