Heart & Tooth Health Linked


Before you go to the dentist, it is useful to check the condition of the heart muscle. Scientists believe that the procedures, more complex than having a small filling in the mouth, can be a factor for heart attack and stroke.

The relationship between the complexity of the dental treatment and the condition of the heart has been revealed by the staff of King’s College London. This does not mean that dentists should be avoided. According to the researchers, it just means that one should follow a special treatment and take the maximum care of the heart after seeing the dentist.

According to scientists, the heart is most vulnerable within a month after visiting the dentist. During this period, physicians advise to avoid any physical stress, worries, and abuse of alcohol. Taking care of the cardiovascular system will help it recover faster.

The researchers say that more complicated procedures than filling a tooth should be considered difficult and potentially dangerous for the heart. Surgeries in the mouth have a particularly heavy effect on the heart. The researchers have found that these procedures increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.