Hidden Risks of Toothpaste


Choosing toothpaste by taste and color is a very simple thing nowadays. Many of them look attractive and smell so delicious that you want to put them in your mouth. But doctors warn one should use the paste strictly in moderation and not get involved in cleaning the teeth excessively. This hygiene facility, as it turns out, conceals a hidden health threat.

If you believe the manufacturers of toothpaste, their product does not infringe any sanitary and health standards and requirements. But if someone likes to brush the teeth with a large amount of toothpaste, then eventually this habit can turn against him/her. The reason is explained by the substances that are contained in the paste. It turns out they include some substances that are not washed out.

According to The Telegraph, most kinds of toothpaste contain fluorine which has the ability to accumulate in human bones over the years. As a result, this may lead to a significant weakening of the immune system and also be a serious factor of neural disorders, disorders of the stomach and joints.

The production of toothpaste also presupposes the use of sodium lauryl sulfate, which makes the paste acquire the property of foaming well. With time, this chemical can also get accumulated all over the body, but in the internal organs; there, it dries their mucosa. In addition, there is evidence that the substance has a negative effect on the reproductive function in men.

Antibacterial additives designed to get rid of bad bacteria are often added to the toothpaste. These components can really have a detrimental effect on pathogens, but at the same time they are able to change the oral microflora considerably.