Home Air Makes You Ill


The air in our house can be the cause of any disease. From drying linen to using a gas stove – millions of homes may be affected by the toxic home syndrome, which increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.


Experts warn that air pollution inside the house leads to an increased risk of developing heart disease, cancer and respiratory disorders. They talk about the so-called toxic home syndrome. According to researchers from the UK, 15.3 million of British families suffer from it. Because of this syndrome, health deteriorates under the influence of the air which is circulating in the house.

Scientists emphasize that the most basic daily tasks, such as washing and drying linen or cooking on a gas stove, can put our health at risk. The air circulating in our houses contains over 900 chemicals, particles, and biological materials that can potentially affect our health. These include mold spores, pollen, radon, carbon monoxide and fur, which fill the air in the house, seeping through cracks in the walls and the floor, settling on clothes, making their way to us through the gas burners and various cleaning agents that are used for washing clothes.

Cough, wet eyes, dizziness, runny nose, fatigue and headaches are all signs of a bad atmosphere in the house. More severe symptoms of toxic home syndrome include eye irritation, rash, muscle pain, respiratory problems, asthma, fever and chills, loss of hearing, bleeding from the nose and lung diseases.

In general, air pollution is the main cause of all diseases in Europe caused by external influences. Experts urge people to thoroughly ventilate rooms and use a variety of air cleaners. There is evidence of a direct link between inhaling not very healthy air indoors and the development of cardiovascular diseases.