Home Tattoo Sets Dangerous


As experts predict, home tattoo sets will become the most popular cosmetic trend in 2015. They say that such passion can be deadly.

According to experts of the cosmetic market, home tattoo sets, which are called stick and poke, will be the hottest trend next year. This is the simplest and cheapest way of applying a permanent pattern on the skin, which is usually done with a needle and ink.

Some of these sets are already available on the Internet for only $40, and their sales are expected to grow many times over the following year. While the cost of a tattoo applied by a professional tattoo artist in a parlor can reach several hundred dollars, these sums look temptingly cheap in case of home tattoo.

Note that the trend of tattoos itself has reached unprecedented popularity thanks to numerous celebrities. Football players, singers and actors, and even politicians decorate their bodies with numerous tattoos, and then ordinary people do the same. However, experts in the field of dermatology remind that home tattoo sets purchased on the internet can be quite dangerous.

There is no guarantee that the ink or needles used in tattooing are not infected, which can lead to infections, rapidly spreading all over the body via blood. We are talking about such a life-threatening condition as sepsis. These infections are very serious; they require intensive treatment with antibiotics, hospitalization, and even surgery.

Sepsis often occurs even in visitors of ordinary tattoo parlors, so the situation is far more serious with those who prefer home tattoos. Finally, even after recovering from sepsis, the area of tattooing will be damaged forever with a scar tissue.