How to Fight Cancer?

Biologists from the University of Huddersfield provided a very simple and affordable way to combat one of the most dangerous diseases of humankind – cancer. The development has already received a corresponding patent.

To date, there are quite a lot of methods of cancer treatment; however, none guarantees a complete cure. The essence of the new method is the destruction of malignant tumor cells through exposure to a particular protein, which belongs to the CD40 nomenclature. The protein has a detrimental effect exclusively on cancer cells, without affecting the healthy ones. Due to this unique ability, it can be used as the basis for creating an anti-cancer drug, without any side effects.

The unique properties of CD40 were identified in the early 2000s. It has been thoroughly investigated all this time. During the research, scientists came to the conclusion that the protein literally “breaks” cancer cells protection system and helps the immune system to identify and start fighting cancer cells.

Now experts are going to carry out a clinical research. If it is successful, we can claim that modern medicine has finally found a way to overcome cancer.