Immunity Substituted with a Transplant

Scientists from Japan have told about the fact that they were trying to replace a part of the immune system with artificial transplants. The study was completed successfully.

The results showed that the Japanese doctors could help everyone who wanted to have a high-tech spleen and lymph nodes.

During the experiment with mice, the biologists from Kyoto University showed that artificial lymph nodes were not worse than the natural ones.

To create lymph nodes, the researchers used a polymeric matrix (a sponge) and bone marrow stem cells. Before using stem cells, several genetic modifications had been introduced in them. Biologists transplanted experimental lymph nodes in the renal capsule of the mice.

Three weeks later, the polymeric sponge was producing lymphocytes, and the node structure evolved and acquired the features typical of a healthy lymph node.

The scientists showed that even artificial lymph nodes were involved in the immune response, forming B-lymphocytes, T- lymphocytes and memory cells.

Spleen removes alien particles and bacteria from the body, provides immune response and produces lymphocytes, when in contact with alien antigens from the blood.

According to the Japanese researchers, artificial lymph nodes are useful to patients with cancer and aging people, whose immunity reduces due to natural causes.

Scientists claim that in recent years they have gathered enough scientific data, needed to finally create an artificial lymphoid tissue and organs that are suitable for clinical practice.