January & Fridays Most Dangerous for Heart Patients

American cardiologists have identified the most dangerous days for people who suffer from heart failure.

According to a new large-scale study conducted by the staff of the University of Colorado, most deaths from heart failure are recorded in the winter months, especially in January. What concerns the weekdays, the highest risk falls on Friday and the weekend. And Monday has been acknowledged the most favourable day for hospitalization.

In the course of the research, the medics analyzed a million cases of hospitalization for heart failure in about 14 years.

The analysis showed that the peak of hospitalizations for heart failure accounts for February, and the highest number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases falls on January. It has also been discovered that people who were hospitalized in January needed a much longer treatment. Doctors believe that in winter patients may feel worse due to the exacerbations of concomitant diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or pneumonia.

The researchers emphasize the relationship between cold weather and the number of seasonal hospitalizations and deaths. The higher the temperature is, the lower the risk of hospital mortality will be.

According to the doctors, the hospital checkin time also plays a negative or a positive role. For example, the most unfavorable time for heart sufferers is between 18 and 24 p.m. (people who are hospitalized during that period are more likely to die or to be treated longer), and the best time is morning – from 6 to 12 a.m.