Job Makes You Gain Weight

Nutritionists claim, that sometimes we get fat at work. They ranked the so-called “overweight” jobs. The first place went to cooks and housewives – those who are engaged in everyday cooking and willy-nilly taste their dishes during cooking. Thus they gain their extra calories. In addition, the smells in the kitchen make them eat too much when it comes to the meal.

The second place belongs to accountants and lawyers. Sedentary work and stress prevent them from keeping good shape, and they often eat when they are nervous. Experts in PR as well as managers working with VIP clients have got the third place. They often have to work, inviting clients to a restaurant – and this is not the right way to keep track of your calories. Flexitime is an additional risk factor.

The experts recommend the people engaged in these areas to care more about their diet and not to forget about going in for sports.