Laminaria Treats Hypertension

High blood pressure is a serious risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. In search of safe means for controlling blood pressure, the scientists are testing natural, organic products. One of them is laminaria.

According to the staff of the research center in Dublin, regular consumption of certain species of algae helps to normalize blood pressure. The manifestation of adverse effects is practically reduced to zero. If we talk about the benefits of such a “medicine”, laminaria can enrich the body with minerals, such as iodine, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium etc., in addition to the beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

Irish scientists carried out a thorough chemical analysis of several species of laminaria, known as nori (this seaweed is commonly used in the preparation of sushi). It turned out that nori contains a large number of bioactive peptides – the substances with a very powerful antioxidant. The experts found that bioactive peptides have an influence on human blood vessels, similar to that which occurs after receiving ACE-inhibitors, which form the basis of many modern drugs for lowering blood pressure.

In addition, seaweed suddenly had a positive side effect of weight loss. During the experiments with rats, laminaria food supplement led to weight reduction by 10%.