Loneliness Epidemic


The study conducted by the staff of Brigham Young University found that loneliness, as a social phenomenon, is experiencing significant growth – more people feel lonely, despite the conditions of life and environment. According to researchers, in the next few years humanity will face an epidemic of loneliness.

In total, the experts have analyzed the data of about 3 million people of all ages. Studying the features of people’s lifestyle has led the experts to the conclusion that the risk of loneliness was underestimated by many – in fact its presence is associated with a serious risk to life.

According to the authors of the study, the threat to life and health, which is associated with loneliness and social isolation, is comparable to the effect of the one that is associated with obesity.

They have found that the lack of social ties gives an additional high risk of diseases and actions that lead to mortality. In youth, this relationship is much stronger than among the elderly people.

According to the researchers, positive interpersonal communication, trust and emotional bonds between people affect not only the person’s mental, but also physical condition. However, the current reality is that loneliness is growing, and with it, there is a growing number of those who characterize their existence with the words “lonely” and “useless.” As the researchers note, some of us may be surrounded by people, but they still feel lonely. Others, on the contrary, deliberately isolate themselves because they love to be alone. All this leads to the fact that the level of interpersonal communication in human society is markedly reduced.