Milk Works as an Energetic Drink


If you feel lack of energy, drink milk. Researchers have proved that this drink invigorates and is perfect for strength recovery.

Scientists have found that the amino acids making up milk proteins (as well as any proteins) best stimulate orexin production in the hypothalamus of the brain,. This hormone, synthesized by special cells, stimulates wakefulness and body energy balance.

Orexin activity is not related to the amount of food eaten and its composition, experts believe. Qualities such as attentiveness and concentration, according to them, become stronger after eating protein foods, as opposed to carbohydrates. Vivacity caused by milk shows not only the impact of protein on the production of orexin. A feeling of refreshment is reinforced by blocking the effect of sugar, which is also due to amino acids.

Milk consumption is useful not only in terms of energy recovery. Activating orexin production in the hypothalamus, this drink also indirectly fights insomnia and weight gain. Sleep disorders and excess weight is associated with insufficient production of this substance in the brain.