Most Unhealthy Drink Revealed

Experts have concluded that even vodka is not so dangerous to the human body as an “innocent” milkshake. The anti-rating of products is topped by milkshake because of its caloric content and being saturated with fats.

The problem of obesity has become extremely urgent in our time, therefore, the drink, which leads to excess weight, has probably been called the most harmful one. The main argument of the specialists is that the milkshake is too high in calories, and one serving of this drink contains the daily amount of calories. In addition, milkshake holds the record for the fat content among drinks – the standard amount of lipids that a person needs every day is exceeded by three times in some types of this cocktail.

As a rule, all ready-made cocktails are composed of very fatty foods, which make the taste of these drinks strong and attractive. Doctors warn that if a milkshake contains peanut butter or chocolate ice cream, the drink can be a bomb to liver. Experts advise to avoid drinks with additives that make them even fatter and rich in calories. One should prefer drinks from low-fat products, and the best milkshakes can be prepared at home.

The experts emphasize that one should drink low-fat milkshakes in the amount of not more than 2-3 glasses a week.