Music, Exercise & Sleep Keep Your Brain Healthy

Doctors recommend simple ways to maintain brain health – in addition to music, sports and sleep, they advise to use laptop and cell phone rarely.

The Causes of Dementia

The risk of developing brain diseases is linked to a number of factors: adverse environment, stress, lack of exercise, low-quality nutrition and stress from technologies. All of this places a heavy burden on a modern human’s health, and, above all, on the brain – the experts of the Association of interdisciplinary medicine say. According to them, brain diseases in 2030 will outstrip even cardiovascular diseases and oncology.

The vast majority of people do not realize that the growing number of addictions, environmental conditions, poor quality food, lack of exercise and chronic stress are not just unfavorable “by-products” of civilization, but the factors that will inevitably lead to a stroke, dementia, and mental disorders. Few people know that junk food not only harms the stomach, but may even cause dementia.

How to Prevent Brain Damage?

Music can not only improve mood, but also help you out of a severe depression, promote rehabilitation after a stroke. The same effect is produced by sports, movies, sex, and comfortable furniture.

Art Therapy for the Brain

Today, cultural and art methods play a large role in the treatment of various brain diseases. For example, phototherapy, music therapy, movie therapy, sand therapy, wood therapy, animal therapy, fitness and other modern techniques can help cure brain diseases.

Doctors say if you leave your laptop at home, turn off your smartphone and go for a walk, you’ll increase your energy potential by 50%. But in reality, most people do not adhere to the basic rules and recommendations, and most can not even remember the last time they walked in the fresh air.