New Car Smell May Cause Cancer

During the first month after buying a car, experts recommend spending not more than one and a half hours a day in it. Otherwise there is a high risk of being subjected to the toxic effects of chemical compounds that are evaporated in the new car.

According to medical publications, the production of a number of parts which are fitted inside the vehicle implies the use of chemical products – plastics, sealants, adhesives. Their structure, in turn, includes the components and chemical compounds that are unsafe to human health.

In particular, the materials for the interior design of the car contain phenol, xylene, chlorine and bromine. Under the influence of sunlight and temperature they give evaporation that can adversely affect the nervous system, mucous membranes, liver, kidneys, the hormonal system and the organs of hearing. According to experts, the inhalation of air containing these chemicals can lead not only to the development of allergies and the common cold; it also triggers hormonal disruptions and greatly increases the risk of cancer.

Also, doctors suggest that an automobile interior contains a considerable amount of lead, which is a heavy metal. Inhalation of air with lead evaporation can lead to the malfunction of the reproductive system. Leather, stitched for the interior of the car, also gives a particular smell, which contains aldehydes – chemicals used for processing. These substances have a negative impact on the health of the respiratory system and eyes and irritate the mucous membranes.

Experts say we should not neglect the recommendation to spend only an hour a day in the new car. Compliance with this rule will help protect against the toxic effect of harmful chemicals.