Ooho: Now You Can Eat Water

Today, the problem of providing people with drinking water is one of the world’s global problems. Among other things, the issue appears when it comes to transportation of water to remote regions. The new invention will not only solve these problems but will forever change the hydration process: water will be eaten rather than drunk.

A group of inventors from London’s Skipping Rocks Lab have recently presented an inexpensive biodegradable “bottle of water” that could be an effective solution to the problem of providing the mankind with drinking water. The invention is called Ooho.

In fact, Ooho is a water “ball”, created by freezing water and then encapsulating it in a gel membrane of calcium chloride and brown algae. The result is an edible gelatinous mass. Now water can literally be eaten.

Ooho received an EU grant of $22,500, so you can be sure that the invention of “water droplets” will not get lost among thousands of other start-ups. Ooho has a huge potential. In the US alone, more than 50 billion plastic bottles are thrown away each year, and the spherical edible (or easily biodegradable) Ooho packaging can solve the problem of planet pollution with plastic waste in a matter of days.

The authors of the project argue that Ooho can be made at home, and the “drop” itself can be of any size. Besides, you can fill the innovative biodegradable container not only with water but with juice as well.