Orange & Cherry May Substitute Drugs

Orange and cherry are able to alleviate inflammation and can possibly replace some of the drugs.

An orange has an essentialy high concentration of vitamin C, which – according to modern naturopaths – can prevent DNA damage and slow down natural aging. Oranges have about 60 different flavonoids, antioxidants –hesperetin and naringin – which improve eyesight and eye health. Oranges also contain pectin, which has a laxative effect. Thereby oranges protect the mucosa of the colon, binding the chemicals that lead to cancer. In addition, oranges prevent the formation of kidney stones and strengthen overall body immunity. Three or more oranges a week – and you will get health benefits in full.

Cherry is also extremely useful for people, especially for their cardiovascular system. Cherries, especially the sour varieties, contain anthocyanin, which is capable of killing genes in cancer cells. Evidence has been found that the components of a tart cherry effectively struggle with oncologically diseased cells of human colon and prostate adenoma. Moreover, regular consumption of cherries can switch the work of the signaling cell surface molecules involved in the development of cancer tumors, such as tumor necrosis factor.