Overweight Men Have Obese Grandchildren

Scientists have been long exploring the relationship of excess weight and heredity. New results of studies have shown – a man’s weight may influence not only his children, but even grandchildren.

Australian biologists have found out that big men can give their children genes causing obesity in grandchildren. Studies have shown that the most important role is played by father’s weight during conception.

Scientists have identified a special “molecular signal” in the sperm of obese fathers. The signal can pass on the disposition to obesity and associated problems to future generations, such as the possibility of developing diabetes. And the sex of the baby does not matter – extra weight will appear regardless of it.

It should be noted, girls are more at risk of getting extra pounds. Children may suffer because of the signal even with a healthy diet and active life style. However, we know the molecular signal weakens with generations. Because of obesity, changes in the male sperm occur, leading to metabolic problems in his children.