Palms Foretell Cancer Risk


The signals that the body attacked by diseases gives us should not be neglected. This was confirmed by the study conducted by the experts from the London clinic. Doctors have found that one can foretell such a serious illness like cancer by examining a person’s palm.

According to doctors, the analysis of the observations, conducted in the patients with cancer diagnoses in the 1980-s, showed that the hands of such people looked more rough compared with healthy people.

The experts explain that hands appear to have swellings and seals – the so-called syndrome of inflammation and palm arthritis.

It turns out that the art of predicting a person’s fate by reading his palms is justified to some extent. Changes in their condition can signal the development of neoplastic processes. The staff at the London Clinic gave an example of the 74-year-old patient. Before she was diagnosed with cancer, the woman had noticed that her palms began to look swollen and bumpy; then the skin on them became thicker, and the hands got more wrinkled. The woman’s remarks became a reason to conduct a complete examination during which a malignant tumor was discovered. The patient had chemotherapy and returned to normal life 6 months later.

British doctors recommend treating such signals of the body as changes in the state of hands and palms very seriously. The experts were convinced that noticeable changes in the tissues of the palms could manifest the initial stages of cancer.