Pessimists Suffer from Heartache More Often

Our emotions affect the mind and cause the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

American scientists at John Hopkins University say that pessimists suffer from heart disease more often. They spent 25 years collecting the statistics, which concerned 1483 people – brothers and sisters. By the beginning of the study, all of them were healthy. They regularly visited doctors, took the medical examination and shared their own assessments of their psychological and other states on a scale from zero to one hundred and ten points.

During the period of 25 years, the volunteers had more than two hundred heart attacks, acute coronary events, and sudden death cases due to heart failure. After examining who had been the victim of “cardiac factors,” the researchers found that these people mostly included those who had rated their own psychological tone as quite low. On the contrary, optimists and cheerful people happened to fall into the group of people with heart attacks much rarer.

In general, cardiologists had known before that the people prone to depression often suffered from heart failure and died because of it, and the studies just confirmed this link.