How to Prevent Liver Damage from Alcohol Intake?

The employees of Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology at Chonnam National University managed to find a way to stop the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver.

When injected into the blood, alcohol produces active oxygen, which damages the liver, causing hepatitis and even liver cirrhosis. However, until now scientists have not entirely clarified how this oxygen is formed.

South Korean experts have established that alcohol leads to the development of nuclear hormone receptors ERRy, which have a negative effect on the liver. Scientists argue that this process can be prevented if their production is inhibited. It means you would not have to think about the consequences of immoderate alcohol consumption.

The experts from the University of California at Davis had already found a new hangover cure before. It appeared to be an Asian yak-and-maine soup with beef broth. The experts from McLean Hospital and the researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered the benefits of the Chinese kudzu herb extract: it reduced the need for alcohol and could help in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

In turn, the Australian scientists have invented a pill that allows a person to drink and not get drunk. They conducted an experiment on mice, which demonstrated that the rodents that were taking the medication showed no signs of “light gaiety”, despite the fact that alcohol was taken in large doses.