Salami Causes Allergy


Due to the fact that the increasing heat contributes to the problem with allergies, doctors warn of the need for careful selection of foods. Your favorite sausage can cause a severe allergic reaction, even in a person who is not allergic.

According to experts, there are a number of products that not only provoke the release of histamine in the body, but also contain it. This substance increases the tendency of the organism to demonstrate various inflammatory and allergic reactions. Sausages are the source of a special risk in terms of food allergens. All smoked meat, all canned meat and fish contain histamine. Moreover, the doctors consider salami the most dangerous product in this group because of its potential to cause allergies.

When you are eating salami and other smoked foods, histamine may come to your body with these foods. It can cause the symptoms similar to allergies, even if the person does not have allergy. The use of these products is especially dangerous for the people whose histamine decontamination processes in the liver are reduced due to inflammation.

Allergenicity is not the only danger that salami can conceal. Like other sausages, smoked, canned and semi-finished products, it may contain a number of additives, such as preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, etc. According to experts, these components create an increased burden on the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, they are also able to cause allergic reactions by themselves.