Sedentary Jobs Beneficial to Your Health


A sedentary job, in which a person has to spend several hours a day in the chair, so far has been considered very harmful to the body. Office workers suffer from a number of diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle. However, doctors believe that this kind of work has its own health benefits.

People who have to sit in the same posture at the computer for at least 8 hours develop vertebral osteochondrosis, hernia, depression, heart problems. However – although it seems like a paradox – a sedentary job may still be more preferable to health than active work outdoors or indoors. According to the doctors, we should just look at the sick leave statistics to make sure that those who do sedentary work get sick less often.

In particular, German experts have estimated that street cleaners and office cleaners are sick for about a month in a year, while the employees who spend their working day in the office are ill for only four days.

It is significant that the scientists checked the participants’ health under the same conditions – for example, tried them by the same virus, suggested walks during snowfall and frost, etc. In any case, the “sedentary” professionals recovered nearly three times faster.