Smart Socks to Prevent Old People from Injuries


Japanese inventors have presented the socks that should prevent people from falling and stumbling. They look like ordinary white high socks, but the area of toes is made of a special synthetic material.

This material lifts the toes when a person walks. Due to this novelty, one will never stumble over steps.

The socks seem to move the center of gravity toward the heels, which helps maintain balance. Experiments have proven the effectiveness of this development.

The main target audience includes elderly people, for whom falling may be a serious problem (people often stumble over the edge of their carpet). One in three people over the age of 65, living at home, falls at least once a year.

About 50% of older people fall even more often due to the weakening of muscles and tendons (they cannot keep their toes in the normal position, so the toes make them stumble).

The socks lift the toes for the angle of approximately 14 degrees. This is enough to improve the situation without causing discomfort. These socks exist in the form of a prototype. However, if additional tests are successful, they will enter the international market during the next five years.