The Japanese to Cure Spinal Cord Injuries with iPS-Cells


In Japan, stem cells will help restore the damaged tissues of the spine.

The specialists of Sapporo Medical University, Japan, have launched a unique program this year. They will try to repair the damaged tissues of the human spine using non-embryonic stem cells from (iPS-cells). In total, the medical team intends to conduct about 30 experimental surgeries.

During the experiment, the researchers plan to use the latest advances in stem cell research and restore bone and nerve tissues that were damaged as a result of incidents to patients. According to Japanese doctors, the probability that the body will reject the new cells is minimal, since they will be based on the specimens taken from the same patients.

About 30 people aged 24 to 60 years with severe spinal cord injuries will take part in the medical program of the Japanese experts. The success of this venture will give a normal life to these three dozen patients and will also restore hope in millions of people around the world, who have injured their spine in car crashes or other accidents.