Vitamins Deficiency Leads to Insomnia

Doctors believe insomnia is a neurological disorder caused by fatigue and stress. But scientists from the University of Northern California are convinced that sleep disturbances may be caused by lack of nutrients in the body.

In the course of the study, doctors normalized levels of vitamin D3 in the body of the volunteers (1.5 million people) suffering from insomnia. This was made after scientists had found the receptors of the vitamin in the areas of the brain controlling sleep. As a result of vitamin therapy, sleep improved in almost all the participants.

A significant thing is: in a parallel study of sleep disorders, written about in European Neurology Journal, experts also concluded that the balance of vitamin D in the body affects sleep. It is still very important what the level of calcium is: its lack in the body also causes sleep problems.

The best source of calcium and vitamin D is believed to be a diet rich in these substances. Therefore, the traditional glass of milk before bedtime is really useful for sound sleep. In addition, you need to spend more time in the sun and walk on foot.