Those Wearing White Clothes in Summer Risk Skin Cancer


Spanish researchers from the Catalan University refuted the widespread belief that it is better to wear light-colored clothing (preferably white) in summer. Such outdated information can lead to serious health problems. In a series of experiments, the researchers came to the conclusion that the fans of pastel-colored clothing run the risk of getting skin cancer.

Researchers warn that ultraviolet rays penetrate unhindered through light-colored clothing – it is advisable that people abandon it, especially white and yellow colors. The red and dark blue colors prove to be most effective in protecting the skin from the harmful effects.

The Spaniards have reached these conclusions after a series of experiments. They died cotton fabric in different colors and then tested its ability to absorb ultraviolet light. If you want to protect your body from such serious consequences as skin cancer, you should choose a dress in dark colors.

Those who do not want to reduce the variety of colors of their clothes or endure the inconvenience of wearing thick dark fabrics pay attention to the special clothing with UV protection. These things have appeared in stores recently, but they have become especially popular among athletes and fans of outdoor activities.

The researchers also reminded that it is necessary to put on headwear in summer, use protective creams, choose the most closed swimsuits and give preference to linen and cotton materials not to get overheated. Do not forget that UV light has a high penetrating power – the harmful rays affect people even on a cloudy day, so to comply with all of the above mentioned recommendations one should stay in the shade.