Doctors Reveal the Main Weight Loss Condition


The staff of Brigham & Women’s Hospital and the specialists from Tufts University in Boston (USA) have conducted a study to prove that it is important to monitor not only the calorie content of food when trying to lose weight. The doctors concluded that the time when a person eats the most nutrient dish of the day is the defining condition in this case.

The later you eat your main course, the harder it is to lose weight, experts say. According to the report of the leading study author, neuroscientist Frank Scheer, the study demonstrated that when people eat at a later time of the day, they lose weight slowly and significantly worse than those who do it by 15.00. Dr. Scheer claims the time when people eat their main course is an important factor in the creation of various weight loss programs.

Experts have analyzed the data about a large group of people with excess weight (420 people) who participated in the 20-week weight-loss program in the city of Murcia. In this region, lunch is traditionally considered to be the main dish of the day. Lunch provides the locals with nearly 40% of daily calories consumed. The women who participated in the experiment were divided into two groups, one of which was eating lunch at an early time (by 15.00 pm), while other participants were having lunch later (after 15.00 pm). When summarizing the results, it was revealed that the participants from the first group had lost weight significantly better, while the people from the second group had showed reduced sensitivity to insulin, which was a prerequisite for the development of diabetes.