What Makes a Leader?


Experts from one of the largest business schools in Norway conducted a research, in which they analyzed what personalities tend to lead companies.

A researcher from the Norwegian Business School, Christian Gimso, shared the data obtained after behavior analysis of 3200 people selected from among applicants for leading positions in the Norwegian Armed Forces. After a series of tests on the volunteers, scientists found that those who suffered narcissistic personality disorders finally got leading positions.

Christian Gimso explained why narcissists are so good at their career: people with narcissistic personality disorder are interested in domination, admiration, and recognition by their subordinates, and they will not think twice if they have to use others to achieve goals.

Narcissism causes a person to believe that nobody will perform the task better than he or she will. Therefore, being the boss, he or she requires complete submission, respect, and fulfillment of all the requirements. If you hear complaints about your boss’s selfishness, ruthlessness, stiffness, and conceit, perhaps we are talking about a narcissist. Such boss rarely shows respect and attention to the company employees, does not demonstrate the necessary level of responsiveness.

Narcissism is the cause of conceit. A person who considers himself or herself better than others tries to lead them, being confident in his or her own uniqueness, as experts comment. The paradox is that, despite the selfish attitude towards people and indifference to the needs and problems of others, such people often become leaders.