Wi-Fi Health Risks


Scientists have conducted studies and found that Wi-Fi can provoke deterioration of health.

Danish scientists conducted an experiment on children and houseplants and came to a disappointing conclusion.

A group of schoolchildren slept a few nights with a phone connected to Wi-Fi under their pillow. Already after the first night with the phone, the children complained of headache and decreased concentration.

The second part of the experiment was associated with the study of the wireless Internet impact on houseplants. Six plants were locked for 12 days in a room with a source of Wi-Fi, while other six plants were locked for 12 days in a similar room without the wave source. After the time allotted for the experiment had expired, the flowers in the first room faded and turned brown, while the flowers from the second room continued to flourish.

The Wi-Fi impact mechanism is not yet understood, but this experiment indicates a need for large-scale studies. The experts advise turning off the Wi-Fi source at least for the night and keeping mobile phones 1.5 meters away from the bed.