10 Mistakes Everybody Makes before Vacation


Although less than half a month is left till the end of summer, many of us still haven’t caught any sun and are in happy anticipation of the holiday. And indeed: the velvet season is the most delicious thing! If you are still waiting and planning the long-awaited vacation, make sure to do it right. For starters, you should correct these 10 small mistakes that can significantly impair your well-deserved rest.

Psychologists are convinced: any holiday will be many times more enjoyable and less stressful, if you do not make these 10 common vacation mistakes. Believe me, correcting them is easy and pleasant!

Mistake 1: You take too many things with you

Are you sure that the hotel will not have a hair dryer, and these terribly uncomfortable (but beautiful!) stilettos are vital in a mountain resort? Psychologists are convinced: the luggage, as well as any property, сauses a lot of stress. And stress is exactly the last thing you need to take with you on a vacation. Take only comfortable and practical clothing with you. What concerns footwear, you can always do with a single, but really comfortable pair of flip-flops. And no worries because of excess baggage, registration, and even the loss of the treasured suitcase.

Mistake 2: You do not know anything about the destination, except for the hotel address


No one says you should plan out each day and book 15 excursions a week. However, a little research and familiarity with the attractions and destination features will create a holiday mood while you are still at home. Download guide applications, read other travelers’ reviews or watch a travel program. At least you’ll know what to do on your vacation instead of lazing on the beach.

Mistake 3: You have created a sharp-cut plan

Planning every hour leaves no room for an emergency situation, such as flight delays – the worst thing you can think of on a holiday. Relax: you are having rest!

Mistake 4: You do not go with the flow

It is the logical continuation of the previous paragraph. Even during a holiday, things may not go the way you want. The flight is delayed or you get lost in an unfamiliar city? Set aside the stress and irritability! Psychologists advise to perceive such situations as an adventure. Believe me, you will still remember it with a smile. And you will have something to tell your friends about on your return.

Mistake 5: You expect too much from the holiday


Psychologists warn: going on a journey with thoughts like “this will be the best vacation of my life!” or “this summer, I will definitely meet a man of my dreams” is only doing harm to yourself. Get rid of perfectionist thoughts and tell yourself instead, “I am open to adventures, whatever they would be.” Then you will not be disappointed.

Mistake 6: You do not agree on a plan with your partner

If you go on a vacation with another person, be sure to discuss the trip with your partner. It might seem an elementary thing, but many ignore simple conversation, and eventually spoil their vacation with conflicts. Perhaps it is only you who wants to go on the expensive night tour or explore all the bars in the city, and your friend simply wants to bask in the sun and sleep until noon.

Mistake 7: You do not know how to relax


Roasting your bones on the beach is not a universal vacation scenario. Not everyone sees the perfect vacation that way. Think in advance what you would like to do. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go kayaking, learn to play golf or become a wine taster for a week. Why not start right now?

Mistake 8: You completely give up your daily habits

A holiday is not a reason to give up some good habits, such as exercise or a special diet. You can always find a “holiday” alternative. For example, if you do not imagine your life without the gym, go jogging in the morning or in the evening. This way, you will keep fit and explore the new surroundings.

Error 9: You are still mentally at work


Even after 11 months of dreaming about the vacation, leaving work is not so simple, even mentally. Itching to check corporate email or monitor the implementation of the project? Do not deny yourself the painful pleasure of a workaholic. But set hard limits: for example, no more than 15-30 minutes a day.

Error 10: Non-stop

Any holiday, new experience, and then returning to the familiar working rhythm is a great stress for the nervous system and body as a whole. Psychologists recommend that you leave some time between the last working day and the beginning of the journey, as well as the last day of the trip and going to work. This will help you get used to the new environment and prevent (or at least ease) the symptoms of the post-vacation depression.