15 Facts You Believe Which Are Complete Nonsense


In the today’s world, there is a huge number of “axioms” that no one is going to challenge. Thus, the majority believe that a chameleon changes color for camouflage, that life expectancy was very low in the Middle Ages, and that dogs sweat all over their tongue. This article will ruin many “credible statements” that actually have nothing to do with reality.

1. The Earth revolves around the Sun


The Earth does not actually travel around the sun. It revolves around the center of mass in the solar system, known as the barycenter. Though this point is often within the sun, it can be shifted beyond the sun’s limits due to the force of attraction of huge planets. Therefore, at least for some time, the whole solar system is orbiting around empty space.

2. Taste areas of the tongue


There are no areas of the tongue, able to define a particular taste. Each taste can be felt with every single part of the tongue.

3. Orphan chicks


If you pick up a chick that has fallen out of the nest and put it back, the popular myth has it that the bird will abandon the youngling. This makes no sense.

4. Sugar makes a person hyperactive


Sugar really does not lead to hyperactivity and does not stimulate thinking. According to a recent research, conducted by Yale scientists, it is merely a placebo effect.

5. Chameleons change color for camouflage purposes


Chameleons do not change color to disguise in their environment. They change color to communicate.

6. Red and blonde people will get “extinct”


Red and blonde-haired people will not disappear. They are really becoming increasingly rare, since the world population is increasing primarily due to dark-haired people. However, for red-haired people to disappear completely, the mankind needs to lose all the people, having the genes responsible for this hair color in their blood.

7. All bats are blind


All bats species are not blind. While many species really use echolocation, others have excellent night vision and do not rely on echolocation at all.

8. Life expectancy was very low in the Middle Ages


The average life expectancy in the Middle Ages was not as low as everybody used to think. Indeed, the average age was lower, but this was mainly due to high infant mortality rate. Most adults lived up to 60 years.

9. Skin absorbs water


If you immerse fingers in water, their skin will get wrinkled. It is believed that this effect results from skin being able to absorb water. In fact, the skin is wrinkled because it “receives a command from the brain” to do it. In fact, no one knows why the brain actually sends this command.

10. The Coriolis effect when flushing the toilet


The Coriolis effect does not change the direction in which water in the toilet rotates when flushed. This effect occurs only in large reservoirs.

11. The Great Wall of China can be seen from the ISS


Pyramids can be seen from a much greater distance in space than the Great Wall of China. Despite the popular myth, the Wall is not visible even from the International Space Station.

12. Fingernails and hair grow after death


Hair and nails do not continue to grow after death. The surrounding skin starts to decompose and peel off, which is why the hair seems to grow.

13. A dog’s tongue sweats


In fact, dogs’ tongues do not sweat. Most dogs’ sweat glands are located on their paws. Although dogs really stick their tongue out, they do it for the sake of thermoregulation rather than because of sweating.

14. Tomatoes are vegetables


To simplify taxation, tomatoes were legally recognized as vegetables. At the same time, it is not stated that they “are vegetables in any botanical sense.” Tomatoes are still berries, and if you browse the Wikipedia, you will get to know that they are even fruit in some ways.

15. Spurge is deadly for pets


Spurge plants are not fatal to pets and can cause only stomach disorders.